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The night before the Hanging

Getting the tags printed and my Bio Finished.  Updated the website and putting the final touches on everything.  It has been a bit of a long week at my job that pays for my art.  I was listening to a you tube video this morning and a man was saying "don't go an a diet, but instead change your eating habits.  I will think on his words this week.  Hope my friends can make it to the show on the 14th.  I am grateful for my friends, my family and my art.

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Getting Ready for Show in June

So excited to be getting ready for June 14th show.  I have all of my pictures ready except for two that I need to collect from Artworks. Have my website up and my New Facebook page.  Still need to make tags and then hang the show on Sunday the 9th.  There is just something special about the show where I have butterflies.  Hope to see everyone there.

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